Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Line Dried Linens

Freshly washed vintage linens.  Line drying in the sun and breeze.  Mmm, they smell like fresh air and sunshine.  There's nothing better than climbing into bed between fresh line dried sheets on a hot Summer night.  It's one of the simple things that makes this shabby girl happy.


  1. I love linens and have been collecting them for years. I finally decided to actually start using them.

  2. I use mine often. I love that they are 100% cotton or linen. And so much prettier than what you can buy currently!

  3. I so love fresh linens as well. There is nothing like hanging your laundry out to dry in a soft summer breeze!

  4. I may not have pretty linens like that, but I do know that there's NOTHING like slipping under your own covers every night :)



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