Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Apron Strings

 One of my favorite things to sew are aprons.  You can use vintage or new patterns, old or new fabrics in any color or pattern that you want to.  And because it's an apron you can be more adventurous in color and style than you would be in your clothing.   Here are some that I have made and a few that still need sewing!

I used a border print for this one.  I cut the pockets and neck strap out of the border.


Another border print, I really  like using them for aprons.

This one has long ties that wrap around and tie in the front.  I really like this look!

I didn't make this one, it's vintage.  But I thought it was so ingenious the way someone sewed a hand towel into the apron!

Here's a vintage muslin apron panel.  First it has to be embroidered and then cut out and sewn together.  I thought this was really interesting!  I plan to make a copy of it so I can make an apron without using the original. (click to enlarge if you want to see the embroidery pattern better)  It even has an embroidered on collar and shaped hem line.

This is an apron panel that I haven't sewn yet, but isn't it cute?  And yes, I love cherry prints!

Are you dying to make yourself a new apron yet?

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  1. Oh Tina, I love all those wonderful Cherry prints!



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