Sunday, November 30, 2014

Tutorial: Make a Hankie Gift Pouch / Card Holder

 Making an envelope out of a hankie is quick and easy and doesn't require any sewing.
You'll need a hankie and a decorative pin.
Lay your hankie out flat
Then fold it in half 
and in half again
Your hankie should now be folded in quarters.
Turn it so the open edges are at the top.
There will be four layers.
Take the top 3 layers and fold them down as shown below.
Iron your hankie to press to folds in place.

Leaving the back layer in place, 
take the next two layers and tuck them under the front layer.
Pull the front layer back up to cover the two layers you tucked under it. 
You have now formed a pocket.
 Take your decorative pin and pin thru everything except the single back layer.
This will keep your pouch from coming apart.
These are so cute and really make a unique holder for a small gift or a card!
I added a vintage Christmas card to mine,
These make a lovely gift with a a sachet, a pair of vintage gloves 
or any other small item tucked inside. 
The best part is that all you have to do is take out the pin and unfold the hankie...
and you have a vintage hankie to use and a pin to wear!

Merry Christmas everyone!
I'm sure you can find many ways to use these fun hankie pouches.

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