Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Inspiration can strike at any time

  I was taking pictures of some spoons to list in my shop. 
I added roses as an accent in the pictures.  

While I was standing there I thought they look so lovely together that 
I wanted to keep them that way. 

So . . . I took a few of the spoons and wired them together with the roses, 
added some vintage lace and a handmade tag. 

The tag can be used for an inspirational word, a name, 
you could even use them at each guest's place at a tea party 
or wedding and use the tag as a place card. 

Hmm, maybe I should make more of these . . .


  1. Very clever! Don't you love when inspiration hits you like that??!?!

  2. This would make such a cute gift for someone hosting a tea party:)


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