Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hankie Apron Tutorial

For this project you will need 3 hankies of similar
size that look nice together.

One will be used for the body of the apron.

One will be cut diagonally and used for the sides.

Another will be cut in half and used to make a ruffle across the bottom of the apron.

Arrange the hankies and decide which one you want to use for the body etc.

I used a rotary cutter to cut the hankies as shown below.

Cut one diagonally for sides.

Cut one straight across the middle to make the ruffle.

Version 1: 
If the sides are cut from a hankie that is smaller than the body hankie (like the one I used) center and pin sides to body right sides together.
Straight stitch leaving a 1/4" seam allowance. Finish raw edges to avoid fraying. I used  a simple zig-zag stitch for finishing but you can use whatever you want to.

There may be protruding ends where the sides are a little longer than the body. Clip these off so that the apron is even across the top and bottom.

Press seams toward body of apron.

 Stitch the two pieces that you cut for the ruffle together to form a long strip (right sides together, 1/4" seam allowance).

Using a basting stitch sew 1/4" in from edge. Pull threads to gather. Matching center fronts pin ruffle to apron right sides together.

Stitch using 1/3" seam allowance. Finish raw edge. Press apron.

Version 2:
If the sides are cut from a larger hankie attach the ruffle before pinning the sides to body. Then pin the sides to body and sides of ruffle, lining everything up at the bottom. Sew  

Attach ribbon, lace or bias tape to apron top to tie the apron with.

And you're done!!


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  1. That is so adorable; I would never have come up with such a cute idea for an apron! Pretty!

    1. Thank you, I saw some vintage aprons made from hankies and thought I would try making one.

  2. I love vintage aprons and have several of my grandmother's and my moms that she had when she was little. I also have lots of vintage hankies of my grandmother's and recently made a table runner out of them. Love things like this...

    1. A table runner sounds like a fun project! It's so nice that you have all your mom's and grandmother's hankies and that you are enjoying them.

  3. How cute! and endless possibilities using the sme process! I am so glad you shared this with us for my party. Thank you so much for joining!


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