Monday, March 4, 2013

My Love of Vintage Hankies

I've loved vintage hankies since I was a little girl. Sometimes when I was sick my mom would get out the satin glove box she kept her hankies in and let me take them all out and look at them. When I grew up I started my own collection. 

Vintage hankies come in a variety of fabrics including linen, fine cotton and silk.

Some have bright floral prints.

Others have added embellishments such as handmade crocheted or tatted lace, hand embroidery or pulled thread open work.

They are small, easy to store and relatively inexpensive making them a perfect item to collect.
Hankies can be used is so many ways!

Over the next few weeks I'll be talking about how to use hankies in decorating and sewing projects. 


  1. I have a collection of vintage hankies as well, some inherited and some purchased. I just love them! I keep wanting to make projects with them but then I just can't bring myself to cut them so I just use them in displays or I hang them over a curtain rod to create a special valance. Buying them is addictive!
    Love your blog!


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